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Let's change the way you invest.
Become an insider with top AI insights.

We develop Telegram bots that help you invest better, delivering you actionable insights to increase your portfolio profitability. We also offer on-demand bot coding services to accommodate your own trading strategies.



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What if you'd invested $1,000 in the right companies 10 years ago?

Stop missing out on great buy opportunities and get ready to engage the markets the right way at the right time.


Download our free step-by-step eGuide to get started.

Automate the boring stuff


Stop spending hours crunching numbers, drawing indicators and reading complex charts.


Let the AI do the heavy lifting. Mitigate risks, minimize losses and head towards profits.


Low-latency cloud data fetching deliver you content in the fastest and safest way possible.


Real-time computing scans your portfolio within seconds, constantly adapting to markets fluctuations.

Why choosing a bot?

Acquire insights, improve portfolio performances and gain better control over your assets with your Telegram bot.


You can put insecurities aside and start to invest autonomously.


You can build your own portfolio with no stress.


You can avoid expensive analytics tools and save money.


You can dynamically balance your assets to maximise profits.

Augmented benefits

Usability, rapidity and accessibility to take your investment experience to the next level.

Intuitive interface

We deploy our bots over Telegram. Easy on the surface, powerful underneath. We connect live data to AI, delivering the most valuable analytics possible.


Unmatched agility

Today's markets demand more agility. That's why we deliver the power and flexibility modern investors need, with more control, less risk, and no lock-ins.

Successful stories


"So glad to have joined. I've turned my online trading beginner's mistakes into major wins"

Amanda Fogelström - Nurse

Turned $10,000 into $15,650 investing in Teladoc shares

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