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Level up with custom bots


The best part about developing a custom bot is that there really is no limit to what you can make your bot do. Have you found a killer trading strategy? We will code it for you!

int main() {

    customer *you =  new_bot custom;

    while(you->investing()) {





Coding your needs

Every investor has a unique strategy, approach and target. We code a bot that cliches all your needs, and your needs make you a successful investor.


We translate your strategy into a piece of code that you will fully own upon deployment.


We develop, backtest and deploy your custom bot within 5 days after your order.


We are legally obliged to keep your strategies secured with a non-disclosure agreement.

Customized means maximized

Unleash the ultimate power of your strategies and let them beat the markets.

Get a quote

Let's get in touch and discuss your strategies and algorithms with our team of experienced programmers.


Upon deployment, we encrypt the code in a safe cloud repository so that nobody can replicate or use any parts of your code


When you opt for a custom bot, 24/7 assistance, maintenance and updates are included in the package.

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