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Have you ever chat with a stocks expert?


Talk you your bot and start growing your wealth with a number of powerful tools, right at your fingertips.


Invest with and edge

Our bot isn't just a machine but an out-and-out investing buddy that help you putting your money at work.


​What are the best stocks to buy today? Discover daily top picks and never miss out on great opportunities again.


Penny stocks

Discover the daily hottest penny stocks in the markets and anticipate their growth.


Scan your assets in real-time and spot buy and sell opportunities. Get fully automated trading alarms with AI risk balance optimization.


Price predictions

Get clear visibility into the future and supercharge your trades with 30-days ahead price forecasts. Our back-tested AI has a win ratio of 76% on average.

Portfolio optimisation

Enhance portfolio performances with cutting-edge machine learning technology. Balance out your assets, maintain a juicy risk-to-reward ratio and fend off disruptors.


Technical report

Visualize a number of indicators such as volatility, momentum, trends and volume patterns with our easy-to-read charts, gain deeper insights and look at numbers from different perspectives.

Stocks ideas

Not sure what to invest in? We've got you covered. Get inspired by our set-to-grow stocks selections. We continuously search for disrupting companies in every sector and industry.


Feeling like you need more? Go custom!

We offer on-demand development of custom-coded Telegram Bots, powered by your own strategies and patterns so that you can magnify portfolio performances even more.

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