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Telegram Bot


Quick Setup

What is a Telegram Bot?

A Telegram Bot is a programme that behaves like a normal chat partner with additional functions. It performs predefined tasks independently and without the user’s involvement. The most important feature of a Telegram bot is the possibility to execute commands within the chat, which then directly trigger actions or request information.​


How is a Bot called?

The stick2stocks Telegram Bot can always be clearly identified by the prefix "s2s" (contractions for "stick2stocks"), plus your name and the suffix “Bot”. For example, if your name is John Bennet, then your dedicated Telegram Bot name will be "@s2sJohnBennetBot".


How to find the Bot?

You can easily find your Bot by clicking the Telegram Search bar and typing in the specific name.

How to talk to the Bot?

Conversation with your Telegram Bot takes place via pre-defined text commands, which always begin with the “/” character. Your Bot accepts the following commands:

  • /start to initialize the bot and to go back to the home menu

  • /user to retrieve your user details

  • /activate to activate your bot

  • /update to update your list of assets to be analysed by the bot

  • /dashboard to interact with the bot's services

  • /privacy to read the Telegram's Privacy Policy

  • /legal to read the Legal Disclaimer​

How to activate the Bot?

To activate your Bot, simply perform the following commands:

  • press or type /user and save your chat ID number to the device clipboard

  • press or type /activate and send your chat ID to

How to update tickers?

To fill in or  to update your Bot ticker list, simply perform the following commands:

  • press or type /update and click on the link

  • you will be redirected to the Tickers Updater web page

  • fill in your chat ID and a list of tickers, comma-separated

  • press the "Update" button and wait for a confirmation pop-up message


How to delete your Bot?

If you want to delete your Bot please send us a request at

How is data encrypted?

All messages and thus also the communication with a Bot are secured via client-server encryption. In the Telegram cloud, this data is also divided among a number of servers and stored there, in encrypted form.



If you have any queries regarding your Telegram Bot please don't hesitate to contact us at

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